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Member's country will insure, since July 1, 2006, new electronics and electricity equipments which throw in in the market don't include a lead, mercury, cadmium, six price chromes, gather bromine two benzene ether(PBDE)s or gather bromine biphenyl(PBB).Following row of the application be unwell to used for the above-mentioned provision:

1 the mercury content in the small scaled fluorescent lamp can not more than 5 milligrams/light;

2 general-purpose keep the mercury content in the tube fluorescent lamp can not exceed;

The salt phosphoric acid salt 10 milligram

The is normal of three phosphoric acid salt 5 milligram

The ۠grows an effect of three phosphoric acid salt 8 milligram

3 the special use keep the mercury content in the tube fluorescent lamp;

4 other the mercury content in the floodlight specially done not mention;

5 cathode ray tube, electronics parts and give out light the lead content in the glass of tube;

6 the lead content in the metal alloy chemical element in steel reach to 0.35%, aluminum content to reach to 0.4% and the lead content in the copper metal alloy reaches to 4%;

7 have something to do with lead of request

The Han that the ?٠heat melt anticipates a medium lead(namely:The tin lead Han anticipates more than 85% of the lead content in the metal alloy);

The useds for a server, saving machine with saving the Han of system anticipate a medium lead;(exempt from quasi- to to 2010)

The useds for commutation, signal with deliver, and the Han in the network infrastructure equipments of management of the telecommunication network anticipate a medium lead;

The lead in the ?ܠelectronics porcelain and ceramics product(for example:The high pressure electronics equip)

8 according to modification concerning limit particular dangerous material of prepare to product sale and usage 76/769/EEC number.Instruction the 91/338/instruction EEC forbid outside of cadmium electroplate.

9 Be six price chromes of the carbon steel cooling system antiseptic in the absorption type the refrigerator.

10 the European Commission will evaluate a following application according to procedure: Set card two benzene ether(Deca BDE)s;

The special use keeps the mercury in the tube fluorescent lamp;

The following use in use of the Han anticipate a medium lead:Server, saving machine,

Used for the management equipments of the network infrastructure, telecommunication network which exchanges and delivers;(the aim is set this instruction to exempt from part of of particular dendline) Lamp bulb.

The member country is in this instruction before pass, according to the restriction of EU laws establishment or forbid in the electronics electricity the equipments to use these material of the measure can maintain to July 1, 2006.

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