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T5 Light Fixtures Offer Greener Lighting Options

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Most reviews of T5 light fixtures focus on the benefits that CFL or compact fluorescent lights can bring to the average consumer. In fact, most look at the benefits of T5 lighting fixtures in aquariums and greenhouses. If compact T5 lighting technology is so beneficial, why isn’t anyone talking about a much larger global impact? One that can easily be accomplished if such lighting is introduced to large facilities like warehouses, schools, malls, hospitals, industrial, and manufacturing facilities. Many of these facilities require illumination 24 hours a day which easily adds up to anywhere from 30 to 60% of their energy costs. Most of these facilities are still using energy hungry metal halide fluorescents which came in increments of 250, 400, to 1000 watts. T5 fluorescent lights use 54 watts of power so even if a cluster of four is needed to get the same level of intensity of metal halides, there is still plenty of room for savings.

There is definitely some room for improvement even in the smallest facilities. For instance, another advantage of T5 fluorescent light fixtures is that they last longer than regular halides which can also greatly reduce maintenance costs for a larger facility and decrease the amount of light bulbs that end up in landfills. T5 lights also maintain their illumination output better and only lose about 5 to 6% of their output which is minimal when compared to the fact that metal halides have a 35% loss of output over time. T5 bulbs also come on faster when turned on and do not require the extra time it takes for metal halides to warm up. A T5 fluorescent light fixture can also be operated on motion detectors so lighting only comes on when needed in areas of storage and stairwells. A T5 light fixture also has a better color rendition rating at around 85 to 98% which is quite substantial when compared to the 65 to 93% rating of halides. Better light rendition promotes better production in manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Finally, as if even the skeptics needed another reason to choose T5 lighting over metal halides, there is also an estimated 2 tons of CO2 output savings for each T5 fixture annually. Such a substantial savings cannot be denied even by the toughest critics and one that our planet can certainly benefit from. So next time you are placed on a committee at your place of work, school, or town, recommend this small change and explain the benefits before everyone’s focus is placed on the initial cost of each fixture. The benefits and savings in energy costs are well worth the investment in our planet’s future.

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